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Money Transfers from Intel Express offices

Visit nearest office of Intel Express UK and send money abroad by choosing payment method:

  •  Cash

Foreign Currency Exchange

Intel Express Uk is a fast upcoming Foreign Exchange and Financial Services Company. Has a commitment in its corporate policy of always keeping the “Customer First” in all their business dealings to ensure that a reliable, fast, Cost Effective and Highly Efficient service is provided to the entire satisfaction of the Customer. Our mission is to strive towards excellence in Foreign Exchange and Financial Services, offering a sophisticated and personalized service in terms of quality. The path of progress of this company has been steady and successful.

Intel Express UK offers you the best professionals in Foreign Exchange Services. The benefit of buying at a competitive exchange rate is that you’ll get more foreign currency in return.

It is also important to consider the overall price you are paying for your currency when extra service fees are added.

Intel Express Uk customers will not only receive the best price for retail foreign currency, but will also benefit from 0% service charges on transactions.

Bill and mobile Payments

Intel Express UK provides Fast, Secure and Convenient bill payment solutions. Now you can manage your entire bill payment process anytime.

Intel Express UK provides Fast, Secure and Convenient bill payment solutions. Now you can manage your entire bill payment process anytime. Whether you need to pay utility bills or top up your mobile, just head to nearest Intel Express Office for a convenient way to pay – either over the counter or through internet or mobile banking.


Paying at the Intel Express office

  •  Pop in: Take subscriber number and service provider details
  •  Head to the counter: tell us how much you want to pay
  •  That’s it: we’ll sort everything out and give you a receipt for your payment


What Top-Ups are available to Georgia?


Utility Payments

  • Telasi
  • Energo Pro Georgia
  • Kakheti Energy
  • Kaztransgaz
  • Kakheti Gas
  • Socar Gas
  • Kutaisi Gas
  • Achara Gas
  • Rustavi Gas
  • Varketilair
  • Kaspi Gas
  • Mukhiani Gas
  • Georgian Water & Power
  • Rustavi Water Company
  • Tbilisi Cleaning Service
  • Energo Pro Cleaning


  • Magti
  • Geocell
  • Belline

TV providers

  • Global TV
  • Super TV
  • Kartli TV
  • Akhnet

Government Payments

  • GT PARK Parking
  • CT PARK Penalties
  • Police Penalties
  • Car number Booking

Phone & Internet

  • Goodline
  • Global Cell
  • Silknet
  • Silknet Achara
  • Silknet Pocket
  • Akhtel
  • Iveria Cell
  • Global one 8-18
  • Rustavi Phone Corp.
  • Maxtel Myphone
  • Lagi 8-54
  • 118 09
  • 007 Call Centre
  • Georgia online
  • Intel Phone
  • Caucasus Online




Intel Express Loyalty card

Save money when you send with Intel Express Loyalty Card

You can join the IE card program when you send your first transfer or by filling IE Card application form in our offices or online

Once you receive your IE card, you can start taking advantage of the benefits such as:

  •  Getting Bonus points per each transaction
  •  Spending Bonus into specialized services and much more

We have been running Loyalty Program with a lot of success in many countries and are happy now to extend it to our UK customers. However, we intend to innovate further with our loyalty program as our market penetration grows.

In some instances where we offer particularly low pricing, a loyalty discount is not available