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About Us

Inteli Express is worldwide money transfer system and its core business is Cash to Cash money transfers between individuals. Apart from this, Cash to Account, Commercial Payments (loans repayments, utilities payments, etc.), Internet payments and other mobile money transfers are included in the product portfolio of Inteli Express.

As an international market player, Inteli Express is currently focused towards development of principal international corridors. The system operates in more than 90 countries with 57 000 locations worldwide. Inteli Express has own service network in Greece, Georgia, UK and Italy.

Utilizing service points of Inteli Express and partners allows the system establishing partnership relations with various financial institutions and money transfer systems on all continents.

Since establishment of Inteli Express in 2007, its business is growing year over year rapidly. Today the system has one of the leading positions and with its ambitious plans to develop global markets; Inteli Express is rapidly developing its own network in Europe.

Equipped with advanced data security technology and employing specific working procedures to protect users, Inteli Express has made significant financial and technological investments pertaining to the safety and integrity of its data base, aiming to the utmost security and strictest possible protection of its client's funds and personal data, utilizing cutting-edge methods of security technology. Inteli Express provides multi-language technical support throughout 24 hours, 7 days a week and maintains the highest level of customer confidentiality.

Inteli Express services have already been used by millions of customers. We appreciate their trust and strive to maintain high quality service.


Hundreds of millions of people around the world use remittance services every year. Financial turbulence and problems change the volumes but do not decrease the number of people on the Earth whose lives are vitally dependant on remittances. 

The main goal of the Intel Express strategy since its foundation was to become a global market player. Assiduous work on all components of business – up-to-date software, ecient and experienced personnel, and 24 hour convenient and reliable service – within just a period of several years turned Intel Express into the Georgian market leader. Having reached the leading positions, the system start massive expansion in the international market, through developing of its own network.

Nowadays Intel Express is successfully operating through affiliates in Greece and UK and partner systems nearly all over the world offering its customers services of highest standards wherever the outlets are. Intel Express is making every endeavor to achieve meaningful growth and to develop new products and services that meet and exceed the evolving requirements of the dierent markets that we serve. Intel Express is always conducting relationships with its agents and correspondents guided by the principles of mutual respect, fairness and generally-accepted business practices.

With its ambitious goals, Intel Express is step by step moving forward in order to reach the leading positions in the world remittance market.



  •   Intel Express UK start to act as an agent of Authorized payment institution
  •   Intel Express opened a new office at 158 The Grove, Stratford, E15 1NS, London


  •   Intel Express UK became an agent of authorized payment institution
  •   Intel Express opened new office at 3 Station Place, Finsbury Park, N4 2DH, London
  •   Apart from Money transmitter Intel Express UK was registered as a Bureau de change


  •   Intel Express system became a member of SWIFT.
  •   As a Supervised Financial Institution IntelExpress Receives “Payment Institution Status” for payment services provided within the European Community, Directive 2007-64-EC
  •   Intel Express is licensed by the National Bank of Ukraine as international money transfer system in the Ukraine


  •   Intel Express acquired “Tabori Transfer Ltd” in the UK
  •   Intel Express expanded in South Africa and Far East - Philippines, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.


  •   Intel Express expanded its payment network in Middle East - Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc


  •   Intel Express joined the network of the Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC") the US Department of the Treasury
  •   Intel Express joined the Dow Jones Risk and Compliance Feed service
  •   Intel Express started to offer new services - Utility and bill Payments
  •   Intel Express expanded its payment network in Europe - Italy, Spain, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, etc.


  •   Intel Express Greece founded in Athens; Being licensed by Central Bank of Greece
  •   Intel Express expanded its network in CIS countries - Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and etc.


  •   Intel Express founded in Tbilisi, Georgia; Being Registered and Licensed by the National Bank of Georgia.